Bit Skate Emoji App Reviews

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Needs update

Needs to be usable in social media platforms

Not a real emoji

I like the art but wish it was a real emoji

Social media is a no go

Can’t use on any social media platform, only through text and they look more like pictures than emojis. Can’t wait for updates to come!


Great idea, not executed well. The screen shots an images in the app description are misleading - it does not function as a secondary keyboard. It requires copy and pasting images (not emojis) only, which doesn't work for Instagram stories at all. Hopefully an update comes out soon. Until then, pretty bummed.

Skate emojis

Absolutely sick! Wanted skate emojis for a while so cool to have!!


Finally what we’ve been waiting for. All the emojis are realistic and cool. Highly recommended!

Not what you expect

Needs work. Make every selection available for men and women. No kickflips for guys? Okay. $2 isn’t a lot. But y’all need to put more work into this seriously. There’s a lot of us now.

Too good to be true...

Although a great concept/design, the bit skate moji won’t copy paste from keyboard to message. It continuously confirms the last bitmoji used isntead of the skate bit moji selected. Im on IOS 11.3, some assistance or update please?! 🤙🏽💯

Idea is great, execution is not

It’s a great idea but it doesn’t work like a normal emoji does in a text message... it’s basically just like copying and pasting a photo or attaching a photo from your photo library to a text message... not like $2 is a lot of money but I could’ve saved my $2 and just copy and pasted my own photos... make it work like a normal emoji and it will be better

So sick

This app is so easy to use and looks amazing, I can’t wait for the new updates 🔥

None of the bitmoji paste after being copied.

This app isn’t working in regular text messaging or FB messenger. For a paid app it should work.


Man it’s cool, but looking forward to the updates. Doesn’t work on some apps


This app is perfect for anyone poser to pro. Very good design as well don’t hesitate this is a must have!

This app was done right! Finally skate emojis exist!

Killed it on design and user interface! And I’m sure it will only get better as updates continue!

Great app

Super easy installation and use. Great job!

Finally a skate emoji!

This is neat, funny, and I’m definitely going to send it a bunch to friends..maybe even too much 😜😎☺️.



Love using it!

This is a terrific keyboard with wonderful design. Easy to use, too!

I can’t believe you really did this bro!!!

Omg this is so awesome. I grew up skateboarding and learning from the guy who brought this app to all us skateboarders. Thank you so much KLip lol

Awesome app

Great app I’m lovin it. Finally an app for the cause!!! Keyboard works great

Too Raw 🙏🏽

Being the first app to actually have Skate emojis, It’s amazing. Props 🔥


This app is so amazing! Made the skate community hyped! Good work!!

Great App

Downloaded it last night and I love it already

Bit Skate Emoji

Awesome app, really unique the first emojis with skateboarders in it. Can’t wait for more updates!


Incredible work man, love seeing your progression


Soooooo HYPED, the best thing since sliced bread! thank you for making this! Super easy to set up and it works like a charm. Let’s goooooo skate!


🔥🔥🔥 beautiful

Rad App

Just downloaded, super sick app, first app to finally have skateboard emojis! super hyped on this!!!

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